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Be Bold, Take That Leap

What if you had enough faith to move mountains What if you believed that you could do anything and that every obstacle is insurmountable What if you were as confident in your ability to succeed as you are in the possibility to fail What if you believed that you could have heaven on earth the …


Welcoming September

Dear September, I welcome you along with the gifts that you bring The manifestations planted in the spring I am prepared to reap this bountiful harvest My labor has not been in vain I am ascending to new levels of excellence This I shall proclaim I am creating balance from within mentally, physically, and spiritually …


My Soul Teacher Lesson #9: Greater Pain, Greater Gains

Legend started teething a few weeks ago. It’s been a challenge I must say. He’s 4 months old but get this, his first teeth that are coming in are his molars. Yes, the big ones that grow in the back. I know I earned my degree in Child Development 4 years ago and I may …


Authenticity All August

August is all about authenticity, being who you are unapologetically. That is always enough. Here is an affirmation for this month: Today I am making the choice to honor the Divine by honoring who I truly am. I am accepting that it’s okay to be my authentic self. Despite what I’ve been told or what …


My Soul Teacher Lesson #8: The Mustard Seed

My son is fearless He’s quite brave He jumps from the Highest of heights Knowing that he Will be saved He’s confident to try Just about anything He believes he can fly Regardless of who Can see his wings Imagine if I had the Faith that he possesses More of my no’s Would be yes …


Not On That Couch

When we begin to have honest and uncomfortable conversations regarding mental health we can heal individually and collectively. Until then mental health remains a taboo subject as I have commonly seen it in the black community. Until then we are left to guess and wonder about the matter much less normalize healing.


Managing Postpartum Depression

After suffering in silence with postpartum depression for nearly a year after giving birth to my firstborn, I was determined to have a much more positive postpartum experience this time around. This Saturday will make three months since birthing Legend and so far I’ve had just that, a more positive postpartum experience. I know a …


Affirmations for Postpartum Depression

After giving birth, a woman’s hormones change altering her emotional state aside from the physical aspects of delivering a life into this world. With my oldest son, I experienced postpartum depression in what seemed like the worst way. It took me almost a year to feel “normal” again. When I got into spiritual healing, I …


No One Told Me This About Marriage

Two months after graduating from college I was pregnant, engaged, and living in a new city. I received advice, most of it unsolicited, about what I should not do as a wife. I also heard a bit of the negative sides of marriage. While some of the advice came in handy, no one told me …


My Soul Teacher Lesson #7: Just Let it Go

On Sunday, I washed Jarvis Jr’s hair, dyed it (per his request), combed it out, and gave him some small twist. After completing the lengthy process, I pulled out all of his hair that shed out of the comb. He saw me do this and gave me this look of terror. “Mommy is that my …


My Soul Teacher Lesson #6: No Cracks in the Foundation

Jarvis Jr. was building a tall structure with his blocks until it toppled over and the blocks came tumbling down. He got upset. I told him that his structure was too tall and that he needed to put it down on something while building instead of holding it in his hands. I started to look …