Sage & Crystals

For a limited time all orders will come with a free piece of crystal quartz. Bundle deals are offered with the purchase of more than one item.  All orders are customized including a handwritten personalized affirmation/prayer card and personalized instructions to assist with the use of each item.

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4 inch White Sage Bundles

1 for $7

2 for $10


White sage is an herb that creates sacred smoke when burned. The practice of “smudging” or using the sacred smoke to cleanse space has been used since ancient times across various cultures & traditions. White sage has cleansing properties and is best used for clearing negative energy. 


Crystals $3-$12

Various crystals and gemstones aid with healing the mind, body, and spirit. Each crystal vibrates on a different frequency carrying unique healing properties.


Blue Soladite


Aids with artistic expression, written and verbal communication, expressing truth, increases strength, enhances deeper wisdom, throat chakra healing, encourages rational thought & objectivity, enhances intuition, self-esteem, self-acceptance, & self-trust, balances metabolism, boosts immune system, and helps with healing calcium deficiencies



Yellow Citrine


Aids with confidence, creativity, optimism, courage, prosperity, financial increase, manifesting desires, abundance, carries the virtue of self-healing & self-improvement , naval chakra healing, restores personal power, aids with digestion and optimal gut health



Rose Quartz


The love stone aids with healing all matters of the heart; forgiveness, loss, break-ups, compassion, self-love, tenderness, empathy, reconciliation,heart chakra healing, assists with birth, labor & delivery, pregnancy & bonding with baby in utero, postpartum health, releases anger, jealousy, resentment, tension in the heart, and lowers stress




Large $10

Small $5

Enhances creativity, stills the mind, heightens spiritual awareness, sparks spiritual awakenings, peace of mind, clarity of dreams, addiction, anxiety, and depression healing, enhances intuition and psychic abilities, heals third eye and crown chakras



Clear Quartz


***Free with purchase of any crystal for a limited time***

Aids with concentration and focus, strengthens memory, enhances psychic abilities, stimulates the immune system, brings the body into balance, aligns and harmonizes all chakras, great for meditation

***Disclaimer: Crystals and sage are not intended to replace advice from a medical or mental health professional nor are they intended to replace God in your spiritual practice. They are simply tools to aid you on your healing journey. Use at your own discretion. ***