Corinthian Elizabeth

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Corinthian Elizabeth Williams is a spiritual being taking on the human experience here to shine light and uplift humanity in the name of love. She serves using her God given gifts as an intuitive healer and artist. She invites you to share this space with her and open up the page that is just for you! Welcome!


One way that Corinthian expresses herself artistically is through abstract painting. She channels the Divine Creator while creating the art and the healing transfers into the final product. This chapter of The Book of Corinthian is called Painting Prophecies. You can visit the Shop page to purchase paintings or place orders for custom artwork. You can also browse around the site to view Corinthian’s art everywhere.


Corinthian launched The Book of Corinthian Blog on March 20, 2018. This space was originally created to share poetry, inspiration, art, and the gift of healing and it has expanded since. Feel free to browse and read whichever blog speaks to you. Topics range from parenting, marriage, personal development, spiritual growth, health, wellness, etc.


Corinthian is the bestselling author of The Book of Corinthian Chapter One: Beauty in the Bayou where she shares more about her healing journey in breaking generational curses, doing shadow work, facing her truth, and embracing her pain. More books will follow with this series. Stay tuned.


The mission of The Book of Corinthian LLC is to spread love and light founded upon the motto that “Love Heals All”. On the business side of things, The Book of Corinthian consists of a Metaphysical Shop that provides personalized healing tools including sage, crystals, journals, Custom Healing Art, and clothing and accessories. The Book of Corinthian LLC was incorporated in October of 2017 to serve as the umbrella to house all of the different components of this brand


Corinthian is a Certified Life Coach. She combines being a life coach with the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience to offer various healing services, products, and courses to assist others on their journeys to freedom. With these services she teaches others to tap into the God force within themselves to rise and be their best version possible while also getting to the root cause of issues manifesting in their lives by taking a holistic approach to healing. Corinthian is also a teacher. She currently teaches middle school art while encouraging mindfulness, meditation, and knowledge of self through artistic expression. She believes that this method of teaching can be used as the basis of a new model of education for students globally. Corinthian is a graduate of Baylor University where she studied Child Development and Family Studies.


Corinthian creates custom hand-painted metaphysical healing jewelry and clothing. Every piece is made with love and crafted to empower you and embrace your Divinity!


An advocate for health and wellness, Corinthian demonstrates her passion for healthy and mindful living through her lifestyle while encouraging others to do the same. She believes that plant based diets and proper nutrition can assist with a better quality of life mentally, physically, and spiritually. She started her journey as a plant based vegan in 2017 and she is currently studying herbalism.


Creating a family is Corinthian’s favorite accomplishment. She is married to Jarvis Williams and she is the mother of their three children, Jarvis Jr.(age 5), Legend Ezekiel (age 2), and Freedom Elizabeth (age 1). She considers her family to be her greatest teachers having the privilege of doing life with them everyday. Corinthian uses this space to inspire and share moments of transparency about her life experiences.


Corinthian is also a rapper. She desires to create soul shifting and inspiring music to heal the land. You can look forward to her new single release coming this fall!


Corinthian is the creator of The Backpacks and HairWraps podcast which serves as healing, art, and inspiration via audio. Check it out on all platforms for podcasts Spotify, Google podcasts, Breaker, etc.! Now Streaming!


Another chapter of Corinthian’s book is poetry. She writes poetry and does spoken word performances. You can browse around to read poems in different blog posts. Every gift from her Shop comes with handwritten personalized poetic affirmations and prophetic prayers.


You can tune in to The Book of Corinthian’s YouTube Channel for visual healing, art, and inspiration.

I’m a self-taught artist as my gifts come from above. Open up The Book of Corinthian where every page is filled with love.

Corinthian Elizabeth
The Book of Corinthian’s logo is her painting “She the Alchemist” also featured in bestselling book “Beauty in the Bayou”.

What People Are Saying…

The healing session was very informative considering it was my first session. I felt an immediate connection as well as a sense of relief knowing that Corinthian can relate to me. Since starting my mornings off with being thankful for just waking up and practicing my deep breathing through meditation, I’ve began to feel healing taking place. Journaling has been a great way for me to address and process some past and reoccurring thoughts and feelings. I would definitely recommend Corinthian’s services to all my family and friends.


Thank you so much for the encouraging words and the prayer! I am totally in love with the lavender and white sage bundles and you are so creative! Will definitely recommend as well as be back for more, thanks Queen!

Kenetra W.

Corinthian and her work is absolutely amazing. She has helped me through one of the roughest phases of my life.

Jessica M.