We are One

A few days ago I observed five children outside playing. There was a black girl, a white girl, a white boy, and a Hispanic girl. I could be wrong but the fifth girl had brown skin and may have been of Middle Eastern decent. I watched as they played together in harmony. I could not […]

Morning Ritual

  Morning meditation Candles and crystals I hear a voice Who is it God within With all of the answers That I’ve been searching for As I align with Source My vision is clearer Less looks in my rearview I allow Spirit to guide Today I rise Corinthian Elizabeth “All Gifts in Love”, The Book […]


Today I ask that You silence my ego And burn away my pride In all of my ways may I Acknowledge You, God inside May I grow today And become a better version of me Expand my consciousness Please open my spiritual eyes to see May I serve diligently May I remember that the Divine […]

The Call

Imagine this. God gives you a vision with no blueprint of how to get there. You answer the call and you go on a journey. You think the journey is about physical manifestations. Then you find out that your job is to become the vessel designed to manifest that vision into the physical. From the […]


Free yourself of all worries Doubt cannot live here Do not be burdened by the future That is being handled Have no fear All you have is this moment now Just give your best Do what you can It will all work out Do not fret about tomorrow As the days come and go Learn […]


I am being restored. I am being prepared for all that I have prayed for that is in alignment with God’s will. I am being positioned to receive my heart’s desires that are manifesting into the physical realm. I am so thankful. And so it is! Corinthian Elizabeth “All Gifts in Love” The Book of […]