Are you new to your spiritual journey?

Do you want to learn how to get grounded and balanced spiritually?

Do you want to learn about chakras?

“Wait, what are chakras?”

You’ve come to the right place! 

In this course, I’ll be sharing an abundance of wisdom that I have acquired all about chakras!

This course is a great beginners course for

Anyone that would like to gain a more in depth understanding about the 7 main chakras 

In this live webinar you will learn:

-About each chakra

-The energy of each chakra

-How the chakras relate to the mind, body, and spirit

-How the chakras work together 

-How to know when your chakras are blocked

-How to know when your chakras are overactive

-How to know when your chakras are underactive

-Simple methods for healing the chakras and how to balance them

We will also have a live Q&A session where I will gladly answer your questions that relate to the chakras

Along with a Guided Meditation Session!

Class is October 8th, 2020




Womb Wellness 4 Week Program

Are you ready to take your healing into your own hands?

Are you ready to shift the way that you think and feel about walking in your divine power as the goddess that you are?

Are you ready to heal your womb and get free from what is binding you mentally, spiritually, and emotionally?

If you’ve answered yes, Womb Wellness is for you!

In this 4 Week Program I will be sharing all of them gems with you for healing your womb to open yourself up to the magic that is within you!

We will be getting to the root by going deep within!

You will learn how to:

-Care for your womb mentally, physically, and spiritually

-Chakra balancing technique for optimal womb health

-How to utilize your sexual energy to create

-How to heal womb related trauma (soul ties, birth trauma, etc.)

-How to use the energy of the moon phases in conjunction with your menstrual cycles to heal, release, and create

You will have access to:

4 Self Paced Courses

4 Weekly Group Coaching Sessions 

Private Group Chat for participants only

Private Facebook Group for participants only

All interactions will be virtual!

There are only 8 Spots Available for this exclusive program!

Wait, there’s more!

We will also have a bonus live painting session “Art is therapy” for healing your womb! This session is BYOC! (Bring your Own Canvas)

Program Begins November 1, 2020


Discounted Price of $450 Available through October 8, 2020

Regular Price is $600

Check out this Review!

"I want you to know that your healing and chakra healing class has been the catalyst in my transformation. I felt for sometime that I was stuck or blocked (which I shared upon purchasing crystals). The chakra healing session was awesome even being on zoom. I would really enjoy a face to face session in the future. I could hear the healing music in the background and everything felt natural for you and the other participants. I can't explain the level of comfort but I can't wait for the next one. I would also enjoy a session that focuses on womb wellness especially amongst women of color. One of the things that has been really helpful to me is knowing what behaviors are associated with over reactive and underactive chakras. Since then I have been more aware of my behaviors and emotions. I love that you broke down what crystals could be utilized to align chakras along with meditation. I am always referring my friends and family to you whether it is to read a blog or purchase sage/crystals. I am so proud to call you my Coach! Love and light...."
Degeorgniqwa H.