Going in for the Win

I am grateful for everything that the year 2018 has brought so far. I am thankful for every lesson that I have learned and for every challenge that I have overcome. I am celebrating every loss that is setting me up to obtain more and better than I can even imagine. I am thankful for every set back that has prepared me to step up and see myself in a higher light. I am thankful for every tear that I’ve cried that has provided water for the seeds that I have so diligently planted. I am thankful for the pain that has fortified me to conquer the human experience with wisdom and purpose. I am so thankful for every fear that I have faced that has strengthened my faith. Even if I do not understand everything that has happened on my path I am trusting that everything is for my highest good seen and unseen. I also give thanks for everything that I am not that has reminded me of who I truly am, a Divine spiritual being that has been gifted with everything I need inside of me to fulfill my destiny. Today I am also reflecting on my growth, my successes, and all of my achievements big or small as they all serve purpose. As I give thanks I will not get complacent. I am thankful for every blessing that I have received and for everyone that has helped me along the way. I am thankful for the healthy relationships that I have formed with myself and my family. I am thankful that all of my needs have been met as I am still here living, breathing, and thriving! I am thankful for new strength, new courage, new wisdom, and new knowledge! I am thankful for every victory! I am thankful for the power of love and the power of forgiveness that have set me free! I am thankful for the ability to heal. I am thankful for my gifts and I will use them to serve the kingdom. I am thankful for the Infinite Love of the Creator that has sustained me. As I give thanks and celebrate, today I give birth to the promise that I have been laboring with since I was formed in my mother’s womb. I give myself permission to be the best version of myself and exceed my expectations. I accept all that You have for me God as You know my heart’s desires and have more planned for me than I can fathom. I speak into existence love, happiness, joy, success, peace, prosperity, wealth, health, and abundance. I am protected wherever I go, everything I touch prospers, and everyone connected to me is victorious. I affirm that I am walking into a new chapter of freedom, a new realm of divinity, new levels of strength and Divine power. Today and every day ahead of me are the best days of my life! I will champion through anything on my path! I believe that I am worthy! I am so thankful and so it is!

Featured Painting: “Frequency”

Corinthian Elizabeth

“All that Is Love”

The Book of Corinthian


  • Evy

    Wow. This is so powerful. I needed to read something like this right this second. I needed to be reminded to embrace the struggles because they only make us stronger and better. Thank you for your inspiring words.

    • Corinthian Elizabeth

      Thank you for reading, Evy! I’m glad that this helped. We were born to win and rise above it all!

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