I LOVE CORINTHIAN!! She is a light that has shinned on me personally when things were dim for me! Her teachings and coaching make me think clear and more broad. My mind doesn’t seem limited when we speak. I have used her coaching to guide me in my next phase of life. I’ll forever support anything she touches!! Melissa A.

I want you to know that your healing session and chakra healing class has been the catalyst in my transformation. I felt for sometime that I was stuck or blocked (which I shared upon purchasing crystals). The chakra healing session was awesome even being on Zoom. I would really enjoy a face to face session in the future! I could hear the healing music in the background and everything felt natural for you and the other participants. I can’t explain that level of comfort but I can’t wait until the next one. I would also enjoy a session that focuses on womb wellness especially amongst women of color. One of the things that has been REALLY helpful to me is knowing what behaviors are associated with over reactive and underreactive chakras. Since then I have been more aware of more behaviors and my emotions. I love that you broke down what crystals could be utilized to align chakras along with meditation. I am always referring my friends and family to you whether it is I read a blog or purchase sage/crystals. I am so proud to call you my Coach! Love and Light! Deogorniqwa H.