Podcast Episode 1 Season 1

The Book of Corinthian now has a podcast called “Backpacks and HairWraps”! The first episode of season 1 is now available on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Anchor, Pocketcasts, & more platforms! This first episode is called “Healing Your Inner Child”. It includes some spoken word poetry that’s featured in my new book, Beauty in the […]

Virtual Book Tour

Last week concluded The Book of Corinthian’s virtual book tour and I must say that it was a success! It’s bittersweet that it has come to an end but definitely more sweet than bitter. I’m grateful that my new bestselling book has received more exposure and for the beautiful connections that I’ve made this month. […]

First of July

New moons are ideal for setting new intentions. With this new moon signaling the halfway mark of the year, I believe an intention setting exercise is fitting. This month’s new moon intention setting exercise piggy backs off of the ritual from last month. Although the new moon was on July 2nd along with the eclipse, the […]

New Moon Ritual

During the new moon phase you don’t exactly see the moon so it appears that there isn’t one on these nights. In actuality the light from the moon is being hidden from the earth because the side that’s illuminated is facing away from us. This symbolizes a beginning of a new cycle and a chance […]

Managing Perinatal Depression

With the new light being shined on mental health awareness and the open discussion on postpartum depression (see link to blog post from last year), I want to talk about perinatal depression or depression during pregnancy.  This kind of depression often gets mistaken for the common changes that happen during pregnancy like moodiness and being exhausted […]

Full Moon Ritual

I believe the Creator’s Divine Design for oneness is so beautiful in how we’re connected to nature. I’m grateful for the ability to tap into the gifts of Mother Nature and use them for healing. Along my spiritual journey thus far, I have found healing in getting in sync with the moon and it’s different […]

Abundant April

Spring is here, my favorite time of the year! I’m excited about this new month, “Abundant April” and all of the possibilities and opportunities that it holds. I can feel this powerful new moon in Aries in full effect and I’m taking full advantage of the productive and creative energies that it is bringing. The […]

Self-Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis, Shannon’s Story

I, Shannon Nand, was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. I attended Graduate school in Buffalo, New York. Currently, I live in Florida where I work as an Occupational Therapist. I have an insatiable thirst for travel, interior design, learning, (especially in the areas of cultural anthropology, world history, marketing, branding, and personal development) and a new found interest in cooking […]

The Plug

Here lately I’ve developed this poor habit of falling asleep without putting my phone on the charger. When I start the next day my phone is already in the yellow zone or sometimes on red signaling that it needs to be charged as soon as possible. I start the cycle of putting my phone on […]

First of February

Magic is certainly happening My visions continue coming to past And manifestations are showing up In the physical more rapidly My heart chakra is clearing My ego is transcending Those around me are elevating My consciousness is ascending I’m excited for what’s to come While being present in the now Whenever I fall short I […]


Last year I packed up a U-haul along with my family and started my whole life over. The life that I had put in work to achieve. I had a great job with salary pay and benefits. I had just earned a promotion and a certificate in Contract Management. I was even winning awards in […]