Podcast Episode 1 Season 1

The Book of Corinthian now has a podcast called “Backpacks and HairWraps”! The first episode of season 1 is now available on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Anchor, Pocketcasts, & more platforms! This first episode is called “Healing Your Inner Child”. It includes some spoken word poetry that’s featured in my new book, Beauty in the […]

I AM Mother Earth

I am Mother Earth  Skin smoothly Resembling the dirt  Salt of the land  Slick as sand  Soil thrown   Strength is born  From the dust I emerge  Admire these features  Imperfect symmetry  The laziness in my left eye  Reminds me to embrace my creativity  Slanted eyes that see truth  Small ears  Yet still I hear Spirit  […]

The Plug

Here lately I’ve developed this poor habit of falling asleep without putting my phone on the charger. When I start the next day my phone is already in the yellow zone or sometimes on red signaling that it needs to be charged as soon as possible. I start the cycle of putting my phone on […]

First of February

Magic is certainly happening My visions continue coming to past And manifestations are showing up In the physical more rapidly My heart chakra is clearing My ego is transcending Those around me are elevating My consciousness is ascending I’m excited for what’s to come While being present in the now Whenever I fall short I […]


Last year I packed up a U-haul along with my family and started my whole life over. The life that I had put in work to achieve. I had a great job with salary pay and benefits. I had just earned a promotion and a certificate in Contract Management. I was even winning awards in […]

Damn Drugs

I wrote this poem almost 2 years ago from a place of anger. I was angry seeing how drugs have and continue to destroy our communities. I was even angrier with the people in my life that use and how their actions effected me and those around them. This poem chilled in my notebook. Out […]

Benefits of Meditation

Somewhere in my childhood I adopted the belief that meditation was something mystical and that I should probably stay away from it. Maybe it was my vivid imagination, growing up in churches with strict rules, things I saw on TV, or a combination of the three. Whatever the reason was, I am so glad that I ditched this belief […]

Welcoming September

Dear September, I welcome you along with the gifts that you bring The manifestations planted in the spring I am prepared to reap this bountiful harvest My labor has not been in vain I am ascending to new levels of excellence This I shall proclaim I am creating balance from within mentally, physically, and spiritually […]

Use Me

There have been seasons of my life where I’ve been dead set on proving people wrong. During those seasons I was stuck! I now realize that it was my intention that kept me in this sunken place. The energy that births your intention is typically the energy that you see in the results. No longer […]


Thank you God for this vision. I will be obedient and follow your plan. Please show me the way and provide all that I need. I am thankful for your perfect plan indeed. I believe that doors are opening. I also believe that mountains are moving. And that every single step going forward on my […]

Not On That Couch

When we begin to have honest and uncomfortable conversations regarding mental health we can heal individually and collectively. Until then mental health remains a taboo subject as I have commonly seen it in the black community. Until then we are left to guess and wonder about the matter much less normalize healing.